My list of Unread Books-1

At some point in our lives, from readers, we become collectors. I am guilty of being a book hoarder and buying more books than I could read and adding it to the pile of unread books. I tell myself, that each book will be read in its own time- helps me sleep at night. But since, I am on a mission of reading 50 books this year, I am going to start with the ones that are waiting, and some have been waiting for a long time to be read. Here it goes.

  1. Everybody loves a good drought- P.Sainath (Buy it on
  2. Three daughters of Eve- Elif Shafak  (Buy it on
  3. Lincoln in the Bardo- (The Man Booker Prize winner 2017)- George Saunders (Buy it on
  4. Democrats and Dissenters- Ramchandra Guha (Buy it on
  5. 4321- Paul Aster (Buy it on
  6. Ariel- Sylvia Plath (Buy it on
  7. Mrs.Dalloway- Virginia Woolf (Buy it on
  8. Land of the dawn lit mountains-  Anotnia Bolingbroke-Kent (Buy it on
  9. Alien Hearts- Guy de Maupassant (Buy it on
  10. Henry and June- Anais Nin (Buy it on
  11. Atlas Shrugged- Ayn Rand (Buy it on

Needless to say, I have more on the list, some half-read books, but that’s a tale for another day. Someone once said, aim for smaller goals to reach a bigger one. So this is my beginning point. I am currently reading Homo Deus- A Brief History of Tomorrow by Yuval Noah Harari. Once I finish reading that, I start on with this list. I would be posting my reviews for these. What I felt about them, Do I recommend it or not, and so on and so forth. Do suggest any great books you think I should read, in the comment below and maybe you would find them on my next ‘Unread Books’ list.




Parents- Can’t live with them, can’t live without them.

In my view, homo sapiens, as a species, just doesn’t cover being a parent. One needs to upgrade and formulate a new species altogether with a sub-species of Indian parents. As soon as you make another human being- booyah, you are upgraded! The new species come with a packet of almonds and a handbook to parenting and how to fuck up your kid, and admission forms of the best primary schools in India, because who are we kidding, one needs to get a head start on that. But as an adult, who still gets 3 calls a day from her parents, there are few things I would like to say to them, provided they listen and don’t talk over or dismiss me with an odd task that really needs to be done right at the moment when I am sharing my views. But if, the world is one day taken over by technology and my parents’ figure out how internet works, get online, search my blog, the name of which they remember and get on it, here is what I would say to them,

  1. Not everything on Whatsapp is true. No, the XYZ cold-drink is not laced with a deadly virus.
  2. There is a thing called Fake News.
  3. When I say I have eaten, it means I had a packet of chips, a bowl of Maggie, and spoonful of peanut butter.
  4. I don’t do laundry every week.
  5. Delhi Belly wasn’t a bad film.
  6. The political party you support are a group of sexist, racist goons.
  7. Not everyone goes to Goa to smoke, drink and take drugs.
  8. Religion is not my priority. Being a good person is.
  9. Yes, I stay up late. I don’t know how I go to work in the morning.
  10. Marriage is not for everyone. And that’s okay.
  11. I know about sex. I have had sex. Sex is natural. Pre-marital sex is not a sin.
  12. I will not marry every guy I date. Yes, I will have multiple relationships.
  13. Homosexuality is okay. Just because it makes you uncomfortable doesn’t make it wrong.
  14. No, I don’t want to take this back home. I will never eat it and throw it out, the day before your visit.
  15. The full form of GPS is global positioning system.
  16. Yes, I switched off the geyser.
  17. Go get a hobby. I worry about you. Do something more.
  18. I am an independent person. I like my space. I am not lonely. My priorities are different than yours, I want a different life.
  19. I do miss you. I love you. But my love doesn’t guarantee obedience. And my disagreement is not a sign of disrespect.
  20. Thank you for everything you have done for me.
  21. Yes! I really want gajar ka halwa.