Project Stuff- Day 2,3,4 and A bag of kindness

I started my journey into minimalism and decluttering almost a week back after watching a documentary on Netflix. I had titled it Project STUFF. While I went on decluttering shelves, shoe racks, and bags and taking out things I didn’t need in my life and packing it in bags, the pile started growing.

Here are the pictures of Day 2,3 and 4 of Project STUFF.


Now, I knew I wanted to donate most of the things like I had said it in my previous post, but I didn’t know if it would really reach someone who needed it. The answer to this dilemma presented itself when I went to watch a play- A lunch in Paris  presented by Cineaste theatre, at Akshara theatre, near Connaught Place,

Two things happened. One I met two adorable dogs, Moti, and a nameless pup.

Moti and the nameless pup
Two, I met a woman named Sunita. I also met her husband and her daughter Anjali. They are homeless and they had migrated from a village in Maharashtra to Delhi to find work. It had been a month and they were sleeping just outside the theatre. Moti was their adopted pet and they didn’t know where the other nameless pup had come from. There was no mother around. I struck a conversation with Sunita and she asked me to help her out. I am wary of helping out anyone financially, not because I don’t believe in the goodness of people, but I know that money can be misused. I went to watch the play, had a few laughs, and went back home still thinking about Sunita’s family, unemployment, poverty and the motherless nameless pup and wondering about how I could help them. Still thinking about it at night, I was reminded of a video I once watched of a little kid helping out the needy and homeless by packing them a bag of things they would need. I glanced at my pile of things I didn’t need and I knew what I had to do. I simply had to pack a bag of kindness for them. And so I did. Here is what all I packed for the family.

Most of it I had at home- a warm shawl, a sweater, a notebook, pencil, eraser, a pair of fats,washing soap, hand soap, hair oil, hair ties, razor, safety pins, a comb, a small toothpaste and then there were some things I bought to add to the bag: A leaf of crocin medicine, hand lotion, Vicks vaporub and a packet of color for the daughter and a chocolate. I traveled back to give it to them. They were ecstatic. The girl kept on asking for shoes and another kid came and asked me to get him a notebook and some colors too. I plan to pack a bag of kindness for him as well. They also brought the motherless pup to me, he looked tiny and weak so I got him home.

Thats Divansh and Anjali. Look at those grins. And that’s the pup.

He is currently living with me but I can’t keep him so I am fostering him and hoping someone would adopt him and give him a safe, loving home.

Inspired by the events of the day, I started a page for Project Stuff and a bag of kindness.  I am also thinking of coming up with a list of all the things a homeless person would need and to put all of that in one bag and asking others to contribute.

Just undertaking the exercise of decluttering has given me a perspective, a cute little pup and a way I can help people. Small steps, big change.

Au revoir.

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