Happy name day to me.

Dear me,

If you are reading this, you have successfully completed another year of your life, another revolution around the sun, another 12 months, and you are finally 25-you could legally drink now in the capital region. I am writing this letter on my 24th birthday, its 2 minutes to 10, and in another 1 hour 58 minutes, my birthday will be over- the day when I first entered this world, it would officially come to an end. Turning 24 somehow doesn’t feel any different from being 23. I hope, turning 25 does. A good thing about your birthday is that it comes with the new year and somehow the new year is synonymous with new beginnings, a better life, a better you- though I doubt if this really works. 6 years of my adult life, I have never been able to uphold any new year resolution- endless lists and diary entries are witness to this. But I hope by the time you, the future me, turns 25, I am a better person, in a better place. So here is my wish for the coming year, I wish to build and sustain, sustain being the key word here, authentic relationships with authentic people. I wish to read more than I currently do, I hope by the time you are reading this, I have finished reading a minimum of 50 books. I wish to be more daring of my own work,  my writing. I wish I am able to learn and absorb more than I did the previous year. I wish I am listening to great music. I also wish that I finish things I start, that I close the loop, that when I go in, I don’t give up, I persevere. I wish to continue my relationship with yoga and continue to stay fit, not obsessive about how I look but always taking care of how I treat my body. I also wish I am courageous enough to start submitting my writing, start showing it around, be open to criticism, share. I wish to be less egoistic and more open, I wish to remember that the world doesn’t revolve around me and I am not the center of the universe. I also wish to have more intelligent conversations and some fun drinking nights. I also wish and hope for your sake that you are saving, because like it or not, money runs the world and money also gives you choices, and there is nothing more liberating than to be able to choose for oneself. I wish you are closer to finding yourself and making yourself. I wish you are better at loving and being loved. I wish the rest of the year will be a year of learning, laughing, loving and because I no longer believe in fairy tales, I know I, you, we will fall right on our asses, life will put us down, I wish, we would take it better than we did this year, be strong in the face of adversity, be courageous, be kind. I wish, on this day, that you count your blessings because you know, you have so much to be thankful for.

Happy 25th birthday.


24-year-old me


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